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Novitate vitae ambulemus: Let us walk in newness of life
Romans 6:4

New College Berkeley was founded in 1977 by a group of Bay Area lay Christians, pastors, and scholars committed to providing high-caliber interdisciplinary studies for the laity. The organization is led by an executive team, a Board of Trustees and an Advisory Board. The Executive Director is Susan S. Phillips, Ph.D. and the Associate Director is Sharon Gallagher, M.T.S..

Many Christians want to develop a stronger relationship between Sunday morning worship and their Monday morning responsibilities. Most of us spend many years and many dollars becoming "expert" in one secular field or another. Yet few of us have developed the same degree of discipline focused on our faith and its relevance and significance for our age and our vocations.

It is the purpose of New College Berkeley to recover an understanding of ministry as bringing God's presence into the public world of work, politics, civic life, the academic disciplines, and commerce, as well as into the private spaces of personal discipleship, family and friendship. More about New College Berkeley ...

Preparing the whole people of God for active ministry in all the settings in which God has placed them

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