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New College Berkeley                                                 Fall 2006 



Para-Professional Counseling I

Margaret Alter, Peter Coster, Sandi Hedlund, Susan S. Phillips, Martha de Laveaga Stewart, and Charles Wickstrand   Tuesdays, 7:10-9:40 p.m., beginning September 5 and ending December 12 Room 310, McKinley Hall, First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, 2407 Dana Street in Berkeley Co-sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley's Christian Lay Counseling Service   Cost: $325 (one semester).  Enrollment limited to 30 participants.


This course is the first half of a year-long, certificate-granting course designed to combine practical counseling training with theory, integrating psychology, biblical theology, and spirituality. Participants will learn skills for use with para-professional counseling programs and with family, friends, and in professional relationships, especially those of ministry. Contact NCB for information about GTU academic credit and/or MFT and LCSW CEUs.



Margaret Alter (M.Div., Ph.D., L.M.F.T.) is NCB professor of psychology and Christianity and a licensed marriage and family counselor in private practice in Berkeley. She is the author of "Resurrection Psychology." Peter Coster (M.Div., M.A., Ph.D., L.M.F.T.) is a psychotherapist in private practice in Berkeley and Sonoma.  He is also a clinical supervisor for graduate level trainees in psychology at John F. Kennedy University. Sandi Hedlund (M.A., L.M.F.T.) is the director of Lay Counseling Services at First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, and a therapist in private practice in Berkeley. Martha de Laveaga Stewart (M.S., L.M.F.T.) is a licensed therapist and maintains a private practice in Orinda.  Currently, she is chair of the NCB board of trustees. Susan S. Phillips (Ph.D.) is the executive director of New College Berkeley. She teaches Christian spirituality at the GTU and for other seminaries, and is a spiritual director. She is the co-editor of "The Crisis of Care." Charles Wickstrand (M.A., L.M.F.T.) maintains counseling practices in Oakland and Alameda. He supervises the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley・s lay counselors.


A note about credit:  If you aren't currently registered as a GTU student and at some time hope to transfer credit for the class to a GTU seminary, we recommmend that you contact that seminary now and apply to take this course as a "Special Student" through that seminary (a simple and quick application process), and enroll through that GTU seminary.  The tuition will be approximately three times that of taking the course apart from seminary enrollment, but it will grant you seminary credit.


A Prayer Retreat

Susan S. Phillips  Saturday, September 9     9 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Room W246-247 Golden Hills Community Church, 2401 Shady Willow Lane, Brentwood  Cost: $25  Enrollment limited to 25 participants.


Thanks to the work of Richard Foster, Dallas Willard and others, many Christians in the  U.S. and around  the world are now learning prayer practices that have enriched the lives of the faithful from the earliest centuries of the Christian religion. Prayer is central to Christian life, and Scripture exhorts us to pray without ceasing. How central is it, really, in our day-to-day life? How free do we feel to be honest about our prayer life? Susan Phillips, professor of spirituality and a spiritual director, will lead us in a morning of reflection on Christian prayer.



Decoding The Da Vinci Code

W. Ward Gasque  Saturday, September 30  9 a.m.-4 p.m.  Moraga Valley Presbyterian Church, 10 Moraga Valley Lane     Cost: $50 (lunch included)


Dan Brown's murder mystery The Da Vinci Code has sold more than 50 million copies. Now, the many Americans who don't read books can be introduced to the Da Vinci phenomenon through the movie--and its release has once again spiked the book sales. The novel purports to expose an early church cover-up of factual details of Jesus' life and the lives of his followers that has left readers wondering: "Was Jesus married?" "What is the Holy Grail?" Join us for a day with this theologian and author as he examines the book's claims, and their relationship to what we know from Scripture and early church history.


W. Ward Gasque (M.Div., Ph.D.), former NCB president, is a New Testament scholar, prolific author, president of the Pacific Association for Theological Studies (Seattle), and founder of the Center for Innovation in Theological Education.



Glimpses of Grace 

Luci Shaw and Susan S. Phillips

A Saturday Seminar  October 21  9 a.m.-3 p.m. Co-sponsored by New College Berkeley and the Well (formerly Women at the Well)    Peninsula Covenant  Church, 3560 Farm Hill Boulevard, Redwood City  Cost: $50 (lunch included); couples, $40 each; students, $40


We do not see God face to face, but "through a glass darkly." We grope for understanding, with the metaphors and images of Scripture serving as guides to God's presence in our everyday life. Luci and Susan bring their creative gifts and unique perspectives - as writers, artists, teachers, and soul-companions - to enable others to recognize these indicators of God's grace in new ways. Each participant will have the opportunity to discover which words and images are personally resonant and helpful.


Luci Shaw, poet extraordinaire, teacher, writer, and bungee jumper, is author of Water My Soul, The Crime of Living Cautiously, What the Light Was Like, and Accompanied by Angels: Poems of the Incarnation.  She has been writer in residence at Regent College since 1987.




Jesus and Evangelical Power: The Gift and the Problem

Voices from the Majority World

Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Atef Gendy, and David Zac Niringhe

October 27-29 (begins 7 p.m. Friday; concludes on Sunday evening)   Co-sponsored with and held at First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley (FPCB), 2407 Dana Street in Berkeley Cost:  Regular registration:  $75; Early Registration (before October 1): $50; Student: $20   Please register through FPCB.


This conference features four international speakers, from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. They will consider the meaning of power as revealed in Jesus Christ and expressed in the contemporary church--in North America and in the

Majority World. For people of Christian faith, other faiths, and no faith at all, evangelical American voices are heard daily. How do they sound in Africa, Asia, Latin America? How do the actions of American evangelicals clarify or distort the gospel?

How does the power of the evangel relate to the social, economic, and cultural influence of evangelical Christians?


Ruth Padilla DeBorst (M.A.) presides over the Latin American Theological Fraternity and directs Ediciones Certeza Unida the publishing house of the Spanish speaking movements linked to IFES). Atef M. Gendy (Ph.D.) is president of the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo. The Rt. Rev. Dr. David Zac Niringiye (Ph.D.) is assistant bishop of Kampala in the Church of Uganda.



Prayer Retreat: An Introduction to Contemplative Prayer

Susan S. Phillips  Saturday, November 18   9 a.m.-1 p.m. (no lunch)

Co-sponsored by New College Berkeley and First Presbyterian Church, 2407 Dana Street in Berkeley, Room G213 and Chapel  Cost: $25  Enrollment limited to 25 participants.


"Come to the waters" God says (through Isaiah). Come and drink of the living water that Jesus offers to us, as he did to the woman at the well. Does his invitation heighten your sense of thirst for time with God, or is it intimidating? Often, when we sense our desire for God, responding to God's desire for us, we resist it laboring on with our "to do" lists and obligations.  This will be a morning of contemplative prayer and guidance in prayer, in lovely rooms (including the chapel and prayer garden), along with the good company of others who long for God's living water. Come to the waters.


NCB Seminars: Call for locations

Tom Cowley   Speaking about his book A Biography of Jesus

Tuesday, October 3, 7 p.m.

Tom J. Cowley (M.B.A., M.A.T.S., D. Min.) teaches often about the life of Christ, and is on the board of the Barnabas Institute

Walt Hearn     Speaking about his chapter,Creation Matters,; in a forthcoming book

Tuesday, November 28, 7 p.m.

Walter Hearn (Ph.D.), NCB faculty, is the author of :Being a Christian in Science; and many chapters, articles, reviews, and poems.





Registration deadline for all events is one week prior to the event, unless otherwise stated. Payment should be in full at the time of registration.
















I wish to register for:


Para-Professional Counseling I   (fall semester)  $325

A Prayer Retreat (September) $25

DeCoding The Da Vinci Code  $50

Glimpses of Grace $50 ($80, $40)

Jesus and Evangelical Power $75 ($50, $20)

Prayer Retreat  (November) $25


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New College Berkeley


Dear Friends,


As fall term arrives this year, we at New College Berkeley are anticipating our 30th anniversary, a time of remembrance and rejoicing. The prefix :re-:  means again. We do it again: engage a memory, allow our wells to be filled with God・s living water, and savor the joy of being nourished.


Among our many offerings, we include a course in para-professional counseling with Graduate Theological Union credit and academic rigor, and co-sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, an early pioneer in church-based counseling by trained nonprofessionals. Jesus listened. God calls us to listen. It is a gift, practice, and skill that can be learned and developed. Even if you have no intention of being a formal listener, your training in listening will enrich your life, relationships, and community. We invite you to join us for this course.


This fall at New College Berkeley is also a time for re-invigoration. Since children get their back-to-school supplies and head off to join classmates after the summer break, this may be just the opportunity for you to re-engage your own practices of discipleship with more vigor.


We at NCB wish you the best of blessings as you enter the fall season of 2006.



Sincerely, in Christ,




Susan S. Phillips, Ph.D.

Executive Director




Sharon Gallagher, M.T.S.

Associate Director


Preparing the whole people of God for active ministry in all the settings in which God has placed them

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