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Dear Friends,

We address you as "friends" and as brothers and sisters in Christ. How remarkable that the Son of God lived among people he called "friends," and that we, by extension and grace, are also friends of God. In our NCB programs in the past year, we’ve had the joy of seeing this friendship with God and one another take root and flourish. The longer programs—like the writing course offered this fall again with Sharon Gallagher, the Hebrew language sequence with Chris Corwin, and the year-long spiritual direction groups—allow time to open our minds and probe our hearts before God and one another. Strong bonds of spiritual friendship were forged this past year, and we look forward with delight to seeing this happen in the 2010-2011 year of study.

As we grow in our friendship with God and one another, we are more able to extend love outward in the world. We’re transformed by grace, and by grace participate in the repair of the world. It is a privilege. We who tend the ministry of New College Berkeley are grateful to join you in friendship and discipleship. Take a leap of hope, and join with friends of Christ in study and devotion this fall. View the Fall program with full descriptions or view the short descriptions, register and optionally pay online using PayPal.


Blessings, in Christ,


Susan S. Phillips, Ph.D.                                          Sharon Gallagher, M.T.S.

Executive Director                                                   Associate Director 

Preparing the whole people of God for active ministry in all the settings in which God has placed them

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