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NCB Seminars

On a regular basis, the New College Berkeley community of faculty and people interested in Christian scholarship gathers in faculty homes to discuss papers and projects a faculty member is working on. Topics span the range of interests in the community, and presenters may bring a chapter of a book in progress, an academic paper draft, a paper for a graduate course, a lecture for future presentation, or a letter or communique to the editor of a journal. The papers may be for use in a secular setting and the presenter is seeking Christian reflection on its content and style.

The Seminar is a regular part of New College Berkeley's academic life and is attended regularly by a core group of scholars and students. In addition to this core group, each Seminar attracts colleagues of the presenter and others interested in the subject under discussion. It is rare to find a fellowship of Christians willing to think theologically about papers ranging in subject from psychoanalysis to chemistry to seventeenth century English poetry. Here, as in the rest of New College Berkeley's ministry, the commitment is to thorough integration of Christianity with all areas of our lives.

Recent seminars have included:

  • Christianity Embattled in Its Birthplace: Reflections on the State of Israel —Robin Wainwright, M.Div.
  • Out of Bounds: Bay Area Christian Artists Network —David and Susan English Fetcho.
  • A Postmodern Rethinking of Health and Wholeness —Jane Bacon, M.A., and Mary Sue Heilemann, R.N., Ph.D.
  • The Making of "Toy Story "—Pete Docter
  • Belief Unnerved: Convenience, Choice, Leisure, and Privacy —Steven Snyder, M.Div., Ph.D.
  • Life Is a Pilgrimage of Spirit —Margaret Alter, Ph.D.
  • Building Community and Spirituality with Kingdom Values —Joel T. Mackey, M.Div., J.D.
  • Slavery as a Metaphor for Morality —Bonnie Howe, Ph.D.
  • The Light through Every Thing: Understanding Form and Incarnation in the Iconography of Michel Burgard —David S. Fetcho.
  • A Conversation about Independent Scholarship —Raymond Yee, Ph.D.
  • Emotion and Silence in the Poetry of Spirituality —Jade Fleck, Ph.D.
  • The Future of Missions in Africa in Light of the Colonial History —Remy Tshihamba, M.Div., Ph.D.

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