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Our People

New College Berkeley is directed by two teaching members of its faculty who join with other local scholars and artists to serve as NCB adjunct faculty members. This faculty offers courses, lectures, and retreats on the full range of Christian thought and life. NCB also has a rich tradition of augmenting its own faculty with visiting scholars from around the world.

Participants in NCB programs learn how people of faith follow Jesus Christ in various cultural settings, in different ecclesiastical traditions, and in various social situations that affect the shape of Christian discipleship. We have the privilege of learning from the finest scholars who challenge us to think critically about our own assumptions as they relate to science, law, art, worship, spirituality, education, theology, ethics, and relationships.

The fact that New College Berkeley faculty, local and visiting, have developed their professional perspectives within the context of Christian faith sets the educational program of NCB apart from even the most outstanding courses taught in secular settings.

The directors of New College Berkeley are responsible to the NCB Board of Trustees for the caliber of programs and the fiscal responsibility of the institution. The directors and Board of Trustees benefit by the advice of the NCB Advisory Board.

Preparing the whole people of God for active ministry in all the settings in which God has placed them

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