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Spring Program 2005

That Christ May Dwell in Our Hearts

Contemplative Prayer Disciplines: Two Morning Retreats
Susan S. Phillips
Saturdays, February 26, and May 7, 2005
9 a.m.-1 p.m. (no lunch)          
Co-sponsored with and held at First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley (College Lounge)
2407 Dana Street, Berkeley                 
Cost: $25 per retreat (enrollment limited)
You may register for one or both of the retreats. 

Thanks to the work of Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, and others, many Protestants are now learning prayer practices that have enriched the lives of the faithful from the earliest centuries of the Christian religion. This year we have offered a four-part introduction to some of these contemplative prayer disciplines, the remaining two of which are scheduled for this spring. It is possible to enroll in either one of the spring retreats, or (and this would be most rewarding) in both of them. We will learn and practice the Prayer of the Examen (noticing God’s presence in everyday life), and corporate contemplative prayer forms that can deepen our lives of loving God and following Jesus.

February 26     The Prayer of the Examen 

"ENROLLMENT AT FULL CAPACITY: Please Do Not Send Registration "
Enjoined to “let the Word of Christ dwell in [us] richly” (Col 3:16), how do we read that Word? For centuries, Christians have done so through a prayer practice called the Examen (of conscience or consciousness). This practice allows contemplative attention to our movement both toward and away from God, and to the Holy Spirit speaking to us. 

May 7   Contemplative Corporate and Intercessory Prayer

"ENROLLMENT AT FULL CAPACITY: Please Do Not Send Registration "
We, together, are the Body of Christ, and the Word dwells in us. This retreat will shift attention to “reading” that Word in “the communion of saints.” We address God concerning our community, and, conversely, God addresses us through community. This is what we will reflect on and practice together during the final retreat of this series. 

Focusing on Forgiveness in Lent
Margaret Alter
Saturday Seminar, March 19   9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Berkeley Covenant Church

1642 Hopkins St., Berkeley
Cost: $40 ($70 per couple; $25 per student, lunch not included)

In the Gospels, Jesus moves quickly to pronounce forgiveness. He ministers to the human experience not only of guilt, but of shame. He interferes with our desperate human attempt to control life through painful perfectionism. On the cross, he encounters the “powers” that would keep us bound. During the Lenten season we remember that something changed forever on the cross. Our retreat will focus on this change, the freedom granted us in Christ’s forgiveness, and the additional freedom as we learn to grant forgiveness to those who have hurt us. We will explore the freedom of forgiveness in psychology and Scripture, appropriating it for our lives.

How Hebrew Scriptures Inform Christian Faith

Anthony Petrotta
Saturday Seminar, April 23   9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Co-sponsored with and held at FirstCovenantChurch, Oakland
4000 Redwood Road, Oakland
Cost: $40 ($70 per couple; $25 per student, lunch not included)

How do the Old and New Testaments fit together? How do we relate violent O.T.  passages with Jesus’ ethic of love and nonviolence?  Tony Petrotta will look at these questions and make a case for why Christians should read the Old Testament. Apart from the Psalms we know so well, can it build intimacy with God and become a source of helpful reflection? 


I Would Trust God More: The Dynamics of Faith in the Parables of Jesus
Earl Palmer
Saturday Seminar, June 11   9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Cost: $50 ($90 per couple; $35 student)—includes lunch
First Presbyterian Church, Berkeley (Sanctuary), 2407 Dana Street, Berkeley 

Join us for another day with Earl Palmer, outstanding teacher and exegete of Scripture, as he leads us in seeing the world through the parables of Jesus. Rev. Palmer will lead us in considering the risks of faithfulness, finding balance, the surprise of time, and other issues that the parables highlight.  He will also consider “the greatest parable” of all.


NCB  Seminars

These seminars are a forum for academic papers, informally held in the homes of faculty and friends. Please call NCB for locations.

Susan S. Phillips
, Tuesday, February 8, 7 p.m.

Garden or Circus: Christian Care in the Face of Contemporary Pressures

Al Tizon
, Tuesday, April 12, 7 p.m.

Mission as Transformation

Dear Friends, 

The year 2004 was marked by intense media attention on the War, the Economy, and the Race (presidential). We surveyed the activities in those three rings under the big top with varying degrees of fear, excitement, hope, satiation, and interest. As 2005 begins, we have opportunity to take stock of our lives and hearts, reorienting them toward the God who is larger than any big top we can erect, stronger than any feelings that surge through us.

New College Berkeley is delighted to offer programs that enable our New Year reflection and recommitment to lives of faith. Join us this spring as we seek to walk in newness of life, following Jesus Christ.

                                                                            In Christ,

Susan S. Phillips, Ph.D.                                                                                            Sharon Gallagher, M.T.S.
Executive Director                                                                                                    Associate Director 



Margaret Alter (M.Div., Ph.D.) is a licensed marriage and family counselor in private practice in Berkeley.  She is the author of Resurrection Psychology: An Understanding of Human Personality Based on the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

Earl Palmer
(M.Div.) is senior pastor at University Presbyterian Church, Seattle, Washington, and author of many books, including Love Has Its Reasons.

Anthony Petrotta (Ph.D.) is an Old Testament scholar who has taught at several seminaries, and in his writing and teaching combines a scholar’s mind with a pastor’s heart. He is the author, with Arthur Patzia, of the Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies.

Susan S. Phillips (Ph.D.) is executive director and professor of sociology and Christianity at New College Berkeley. She has written (with Patricia Benner) The Crisis of Care, and is a spiritual director. 

Al Tizon
(Ph.D.) recently received his doctorate from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley in the fields of missiology and ethics. He formerly served as a community development worker and pastor among the poor in the Philippines, and is currently pastor of Berkeley Covenant Church.

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