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Dear Friends,


Join us as we move into 2009 with hope and faith. We are in a season of following Christ in stewardship of our mission and resources while also discerning Godís new call in our ministry of Christian education and formation. New shoots are springing from the mature wood, as we sink our roots deep in the streams of Godís living waters of grace. We ask you to join us in prayer as we grow and orient toward Godís call.


We also ask you to join us in wise stewardship. As we cultivate the ministry ďtreeĒ of New College Berkeley and tend to its health and the fruit it bears, we are mindful of the real trees of Godís creation, wanting to preserve them from unnecessary harvesting for paper products.  If you would prefer receiving brochures and flyers electronically only, please email us at and add the word ďelectronicĒ in the subject line along with your name.


Also, join us in our program offerings: a rich array of seminars, classes, and retreats. Come and taste the fruit of Godís grace flowing through New College Berkeley.


Blessings, in Christ,


Susan S. Phillips, Ph.D.                                          Sharon Gallagher, M.T.S.

Executive Director                                                  Associate Director 

Preparing the whole people of God for active ministry in all the settings in which God has placed them

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