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Spring 2013 Overview 

Dear Friends,

We enter this new year with anticipation and gratitude. As New College Berkeley approaches its 36th anniversary, like many 36-year-olds, we are in a stage of stable adulthood. We are grateful for the solid years of ministry and the strong community of biblical study as well as for Christian spiritual formation of which we are a part. We are grateful for our decades of affiliation with Berkeley's Graduate Theological Union, and for the lively ecumenical conversations that mark our work there, in and out of the classroom. Our long affiliation with many Bay Area churches is another blessing that graces our everyday life of ministry as we serve people in those churches through retreats, spiritual direction groups, and other programs. In addition to gratitude for stability and growth, we also delight in the newness of life in which we walk as Christians. Every year we host a Lenten retreat and are reminded that the word Lent comes from the Latin word for spring: lencten.  Lent is a season of quiet reflection on the longings of our hearts and relationship with the God who searches and knows our hearts.  As the word Lent is related to cognates meaning “long” and “slow,” it’s a time of attending to the seeds of faith and hope that stir in our hearts and direct our lives. Join us this spring in study and prayer as we rejoice in God’s sustaining grace, opening our hearts to newness of life in our Lord.

Blessings, in Christ,


Susan S. Phillips, Ph.D.                                          Sharon Gallagher, M.T.S.
Executive Director                                                   Associate Director  


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