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Christians from all walks of life: Many participants in our programs are Christians looking for better understanding of their faith as it relates to today's pressing questions. Sometimes it is a matter of personal discipleship: a person with a chronic illness attends a course about where God is when we suffer or a person whose brother is involved with New Age spirituality attends a lecture that is a Christian theologian’s response to the New Age.

Students: Because of the proximity of New College Berkeley to the University of California, undergraduate and graduate students frequently attend our programs as they look for Christian teaching that can engage the secular arguments they encounter in their classrooms and reading. Sometimes the Sunday school teaching they've been given has not prepared them for the intellectual and argumentative climate of a great secular university.  New College Berkeley draws on rigorous scholarship to support the Christian faith, without shirking from conversations about other faiths and issues.

Spiritual Seekers: People who are spiritually thirsty and susceptible to the promises of alternative spiritualities about happiness and success at little cost are welcome in NCB programs. There these seekers will find men and women willing to take their concerns seriously and talk with them about the Christian faith.

Preparing the whole people of God for active ministry in all the settings in which God has placed them

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