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Year-Round Program

During the fall, spring, and summer terms, our curricula often are organized around a theme of special relevance to the interests of our constituency. For example, some of the themes that indicate the breadth of our concerns are:

  • Faith and Science:  Templeton Lectures
  • Faith and Philosophy: Dr. Phillip Johnson's Critique of the Assumptions and Evidence of Modern Darwinism
  • Faith and Geopolitics:  Max Stackhouse’s Lecture on Faith and Globalization
  • Faith and Biblical Studies: Jesus Studies
  • Faith and Art:  Jesus Film Festival and Lecture on the Book of Kells
  • Faith and Writing: C.S. Lewis Retreat, Writers’ Conference
  • Faith and Daily Life: Ministry in Daily Life Conference and Conference on Vocation with Richard Nelson Bolles)
  • Faith and Western Culture: John Stott Lecture
  • Faith and Spiritual Growth and Vitality: Journal-Keeping Workshops, Lenten Retreats, and courses on Christian Contemplative Spirituality
  • Faith and Christian Traditions:  Conversation with Members of the Bruderhof

New College Berkeley carries out its mission and ministry amid the intellectual, cultural, political, and ethnic diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The truths of biblical Christianity are best learned and lived in open encounter with other points of view and styles of life. Our faculty and students seek to learn to be "in the world, but not of it."

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Preparing the whole people of God for active ministry in all the settings in which God has placed them

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